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5 embarasing Comp moments

5 Embarrassing Dance Comp Moments

Once you have danced in competitions for a few years, you are bound to have collected some cringe-worthy memories of things that have either gone wrong with your own performance, or mishaps that have occurred during the routines of others….

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I Just Want to Enrol in a ‘Fun’ Dance Class

As a studio owner, I get the pleasure of speaking to many people from all different walks of life who have one thing in common, they all want to dance! When either myself or one of my team speak to…

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The Adjudicator didnt like me (2)

The Adjudicator Didn’t Like Me

We have all heard it before. Those five little words, “The adjudicator didn’t like me.” I am here to tell you, that this in fact, is an excuse. You might be disagreeing right about now, but no matter what way…

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bord mum title


It’s Saturday April 1, the very start of school holidays. It may only be 10AM but we have already navigated our way through two swimming lessons, a highly nutritious breakfast of McDonald’s (apple juice and banana bread if we are…

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