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Lets talk favourites

Let’s Talk Favourites!

No. I don’t mean the chocolate ones! Do you have a favourite dance style? Mine started off as ballet. When I was younger I really didn’t like jazz (but this was probably because I wasn’t very good at it and…

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Road Hump

What to do when you hit a speed bump!

It’s inevitable. One day you are going to hit a speed bump. Yes, you might actually hit one on the road when you get your license but apart from that you will definitely experience a bump or two along the…

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10 Quick Tips to help you to choreograph your very own amazing dance!

As a dance teacher, I love it when students excitedly ask me if they can show me something they have choreographed themselves. I started making up dance routines well before my teen years and performed them for family, friends, at…

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Dear Student

Dear Student… Are you positive about practice?

Whether you are dancing for fun, fitness, the social aspect, a potential career in dance or a combination of a few of these, if you want to improve your skill level or ability to perform what you have learnt in…

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