7 Common things people forget to pack for Performance Day!

September 18, 2017

7 things

Do you always find yourself forgetting to pack the same things come performance day?

You are not alone!

In my 16 years of teaching dance and 27 years of dancing myself, I have come to realise that there seems to be a common trend with the things people forget to pack.

Humour me and read my list!

  1. Safety pins – For some reason, people always forget to pack these when they really are an essential performance item. Don’t worry. I used to be one of the culprits myself! Safety pins are life-savers when trying to hide underwear under costumes or to make a last minute adjustment!
  1. Split pins – Have you had to try and do your bun with just bobby pins? It’s so much more difficult! Split pins are essential to create the perfect bun. Don’t forget to pack them next time!
  1. Spare tights – Yes, you will never think it will happen to you until the day it does and you don’t have spares! Holes happen. It doesn’t matter how well you look after your tights. Always pack more than one pair!
  1. Bun net – This one is my pet hate! If you don’t have a net, there will be wisps of hair flying everywhere which will be even more obvious on stage under the bright lights. Pack several in your bag.
  1. Eyelash glue – Does this sound familiar? It’s a new year and the first performance of the season. You open up your performance make-up kit and inside you find what is left of the now dried up tube of glue you used the previous year. Now you have to go and find someone’s glue to borrow to get those eyelashes attached.
  1. Scissors – It doesn’t seem like an obvious one but scissors can be a godsend! They serve their purpose more frequently than you would believe. When new ribbons need to be trimmed or a fringe dress needs balancing out, it’s great to be prepared!
  1. Nail polish remover – Did you forget to take off that nail polish before you turned up for your contemporary dance? Have some in your kit and you will be prepared even if you do forget in the lead up to the performance!

So… can you relate?

I would love to hear which number on my list you relate to most! Please leave a comment and we can see what we all have in common when it comes to forgetfulness!

Rebecca Bickerton

Director – Dance Stream Victoria


Click here to download the PDF version of this article

Click here to download the PDF version of this article

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