How to Practise Well

How to Practise Well

Have you ever had this conversation before? Let’s call the student Lizzy for the story’s sake. Dance Teacher: “We have been going over “x” in class for the past few weeks. Can you make sure Lizzy practices at home?” Parent:…

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Should I enrol my toddler in dance classes?

Toddler dance classes. Some people love them. Others think they are waste of time and money. I mean, let’s face it, a one or two-year-old is not going to be able to master “technique” as such. I started both of…

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The importance of Gratitude!

It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of life. We are all guilty of it at some stage or another. Work. School. Dancing. The list goes on. Sometimes we forget to just stop and reflect on all the…

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5 things from Dance Comps

5 things your child will gain from participating in dance comps!

It’s almost competition time again! Term 2 and 3 at our studio are certainly busy months for our many students who participate in competitions. Next week, we have around 50 students heading off to Morwell Festival of Dance where they…

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How well do you know DSV Staff

How well do you know the DSV Staff Members?

In order to celebrate the long weekend, I wanted to do something a bit different for my blog this week and get you involved in the process! Not many of you would have been taught or had your child taught…

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my class is too easy

My Class Is Too Easy!

It’s the start of Term 1, new teachers, new classes and lots of very excited students, happy to be back after the long six-week break. The start of a new year at our studio is always exciting! It’s hard not…

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Lets talk favourites

Let’s Talk Favourites!

No. I don’t mean the chocolate ones! Do you have a favourite dance style? Mine started off as ballet. When I was younger I really didn’t like jazz (but this was probably because I wasn’t very good at it and…

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Road Hump

What to do when you hit a speed bump!

It’s inevitable. One day you are going to hit a speed bump. Yes, you might actually hit one on the road when you get your license but apart from that you will definitely experience a bump or two along the…

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10 Quick Tips to help you to choreograph your very own amazing dance!

As a dance teacher, I love it when students excitedly ask me if they can show me something they have choreographed themselves. I started making up dance routines well before my teen years and performed them for family, friends, at…

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Dear Student

Dear Student… Are you positive about practice?

Whether you are dancing for fun, fitness, the social aspect, a potential career in dance or a combination of a few of these, if you want to improve your skill level or ability to perform what you have learnt in…

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