April 03, 2017

It’s Saturday April 1, the very start of school holidays. It may only be 10AM but we have already navigated our way through two swimming lessons, a highly nutritious breakfast of McDonald’s (apple juice and banana bread if we are going to be specific but we will save that topic for a whole new day!) and Mummy has managed to fit in a few extra private lessons while Daddy tried his luck at getting the kids to sleep in the car! To be honest, this was entertainment enough for me but as soon as I finished teaching, the words I heard were, “I want to go hommmmmeee, Mummy.” This is a two-year-old’s version of “I’m bored, Mum.” That said, my two-year-old has been known to use the ‘b’ word too… and yes, I mean the word ‘bored’ for those of you thinking outside of the square. As such, I thought, why not compile a list of activities to get the kids through their boredom on the holidays? It might not cover the whole two-week period, but if you’re feeling starved for inspiration, hopefully this will help keep the whinging at bay!

  1. Make popsicle stick ballerinas! This is not my original idea, but something I stumbled upon online. A great idea from Glued to my Crafts. You can check out their blog and instructions by visiting the following link: http://gluedtomycraftsblog.com/2016/02/popsicle-stick-ballerinas.html
  2. Decorate an old dance shoe! Have an old pair of shoes that look like they can’t be saved or passed down to another little dancer? Not to worry! Get out your craft glue, scissors, sequins, diamantes, glitter and creativity hat and you’re good to go! Haven’t got any old shoes to decorate? Jump on our second-hand shoe page and see if you can pick yourself up a bargain! Search for ‘DSV Second-Hand Uniform and Costumes’ on Facebook.
  3. Dress up and put on a show! Oh and don’t stop there! While you’re at it, design the program, admission tickets and advertising flyer. This idea has abundant possibilities that could potentially keep your child occupied for days! Got a smart phone? You could even encourage them to create a television advertisement which features sections from the show.
  4. Create a practice journal! Find a hard-back notebook around your house, (or purchase a cheapie if you can’t find one!) and set your child to work with the contact, textas, stickers and glitter to make themself an awesome dance-themed practice journal that will make it difficult for them to resist practicing! (Oh and then send them off to start using their journal once they are done!)
  5. Record an instructional video! This is a simple and fun boredom buster that will be made easier if you have a smart phone or a tablet. Get your child started by encouraging them to choose a step they have learnt in their dance class to base the instructional video on. If your child is super keen, they may wish to use apps such as iMovie to edit their creation. Have a laugh once it’s finished by having every family member follow the steps in the video… just don’t try this if it is something like the splits!
  6. Go and see a dance movie! Great choices at the cinema at the moment are Ballerina and Dance Academy. Alternatively, watch one from the comfort of your own home. Choices are endless and could include movies such as 42nd Street, Mary Poppins, Center Stage and Step Up. Just be sure to check ratings first.
  7. Create a tutu Easter basket! I stumbled across this adorable idea by Organized Chaos. Follow the link for instructions:http://linsey-organizedchaos.blogspot.com.au/2011/04/diy-easter-basket-extreme-cuteness.html
  8. Cook up a storm! Well, sort of. Go and buy a packet of plain arrowroot biscuits and then make up some coloured icing and let your child go wild with the smarties and jellybeans! Then let them “sell” them to you as part of their candy-bar during the awesome show they create and put on for you!
  9. Make a vision board! Have your child print out images of dancers or words of encouragement to make a collage that they can hang in their room as inspiration and motivation! Check out this great example by following this link: http://www.danceinforma.com/2016/03/02/staying-motivated-after-new-years/
  10. Catch up with your dance friends! Who doesn’t love a dance date with friends? Yes, this option is probably more work for mum and dad but if you send everyone off to work on one of these activities it should keep them occupied for a while!

So now that I have stepped you through what seems like a zillion different boredom busters, it is now time for me to go and clean up the aftermath of what the house ends up looking like after these activities!

Rebecca Bickerton

Director – Dance Stream Victoria

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Rebecca Bickerton
April 12, 2017 11:59 pm

Thanks Praki! Glad you’re enjoying my blogs :)

Rebecca Bickerton
April 12, 2017 11:59 pm

No worries! Hope you are enjoying the holidays!

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