Let’s Talk Favourites!

Lets talk favourites

No. I don’t mean the chocolate ones!

Do you have a favourite dance style? Mine started off as ballet. When I was younger I really didn’t like jazz (but this was probably because I wasn’t very good at it and it did not come naturally to me). Despite this, I kept going to jazz classes and a few years later, I became very good at jazz! In fact, it ended up being my favourite style of dance as a teenager.

When I was about 11 years old, I almost quit tap lessons. Not because I was not good at tapping but because I was getting sore ankles (which was just growing pains).  After getting my ankles checked and realising it wasn’t anything serious, I decided to push on and fortunately I did as I would not be anywhere near as versatile as a dancer or dance teacher if I had quit tap at 11.

It’s completely normal to go through stages of liking or disliking a particular style of dance. Going through a patch of time where you don’t enjoy a style as much is not always a reason to quit a class. If you’re finding the class too hard and that is putting you off, make sure you speak to your teacher about it. They may think you are doing fine but they may also suggest trying a slightly easier class if it will make you feel more comfortable.

Try really hard not to judge how much you like a particular style of dance by how good you are at that particular dance genre. As you get older, you will find it easier to not be influenced by this. Sometimes the thing you enjoy most won’t be the thing you are best at and sometimes the thing you struggle with at first will become your passion later on.

So, do you know what your favourite style of dance is? Do you know why it’s your favourite? Is it because you are really good at it? Is it because you have done well at competitions in this particular style. Is it because your best friend does this class with you? Or is it your favourite because you just love moving that way? Whatever your reason, remember that favourites can change over time and this is not a bad thing. Embrace change as this is when growth will take place!

Rebecca Bickerton

Director – Dance Stream Victoria                                  

Click here to download the PDF version of this article

Click here to download the PDF version of this article

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