Dear Student… Are you positive about practice?

Dear Student

Whether you are dancing for fun, fitness, the social aspect, a potential career in dance or a combination of a few of these, if you want to improve your skill level or ability to perform what you have learnt in class, it is going to be essential that you practise what you have learnt.

When you hear the word ‘practise’ you are probably already thinking “Urgh…” You will most likely hear echoes of the following…

  • “Practise your timetables.”
  • “Practise your spelling.”
  • “Practise your handwriting.”

For many of you it will feel like a chore when your dance teacher tells you to practise. You know what though? It is a chore. It is something that needs to be done to have a more positive outcome. You might not like learning your timetables or practising your spelling, but I bet you feel pretty good when you get an A+ for a test. You may not like cleaning up your room and doing your washing but I bet a few hours later you will appreciate the clean sheets on your bed and everything in your room being in its place.

Next time you try to avoid practising, remind yourself of the positive end product! In dance terms, your practice may result in you being able to learn a more challenging step or combination in your next lesson. It may help you to achieve a personal best at an eisteddfod or competition. It may mean that at exam or showcase time, you can actually relax and enjoy yourself because you are confident with everything you have learnt.

When it comes down to it, “the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is practice” (Vladimir Horowitz). You will stand out in your class if you have done the practice at home, even if you are not the strongest dancer in the room. Your efforts and improvement will not only inspire your peers but will leave your teacher feeling just as excited as you about your progress!

So, don’t make any more excuses, put your practice shoes on and start reaping the rewards!

Rebecca Bickerton

Director – Dance Stream Victoria

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Click here to download the PDF version of this article

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Rebecca Bickerton
May 5, 2017 12:28 am

Thanks so much, Kelly! xx


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