The importance of Gratitude!

the importance of gratitude

It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of life.

We are all guilty of it at some stage or another.




The list goes on.

Sometimes we forget to just stop and reflect on all the things that are going on in our lives.

We spend so much time on the problems we are facing, that we forget to count our actual blessings.

This is such a critical mistake as dwelling on negativity is only going to create a more negative environment.

If I’ve learn anything in my time as a studio owner, it’s that you need to put a stop to negativity quickly and move on mentally so that you can continue to push forward in the right direction both personally and professionally.

I apply this motto to my teaching practice too.

When a child shows signs of acting or thinking negatively it puts a road block up on their progress as a dancer.

It also casts a shadow on others who may be taking class with them.

In a situation such as this, I try to put things into perspective for the student by pointing out the many positive things they have in their life or that they have achieved as a dancer.

I flip things over.

Tip the negative to the bottom and lift the positive up.

Dwell on what you are grateful for.

For me this week I can already list numerous things I am grateful for:

  • The generous donation of beautiful Broadway dance floors for our studio.
  • The good health of my family and friends.
  • Being able to take the kids to the park today to enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

Don’t forget the importance of gratitude – both reflecting on it and showing it to those in our lives.

Enjoy the dance.

Don’t bring it down.

Rebecca Bickerton

Director – Dance Stream Victoria


Click here to download the PDF version of this article

Click here to download the PDF version of this article

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Rebecca Bickerton
July 27, 2017 2:52 pm

Thanks for reading, Jane!


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