Click on the Studio button below as per the timetable and class schedule to join the class!
  • Make sure you have created a SAFE DANCE SPACE.
    • Move furniture & ensure you also have safe flooring so you don’t slip or fall.
    • You should be able to swing arms and legs with space to move freely.
    • No rugs, tables or chairs nearby (also lookout for toddlers and pets!)
  • Make sure the surface is NOT SLIPPERY.
  • Make sure the area is well lit so we can see you clearly.
  • Make sure you’re wearing correct dance attire.
    • Are you dressed for dance class as usual? You should be! As they say, “Dress for Success!”.
  • Make sure you have a parent present monitoring your dance lesson at all times.
  • If you need to ask a question put your hand up or wave it around and we will do our best to respond soon.

*This class is modified for online learning, however you may need to make even further adjustments to work in your setting. Be creative, but smart and safe.

Thanks for joining us – it means the world!
Now Let’s dance!