Our Classes


Now celebrating its 5th year of establishment, Dance Stream Victoria offers classes in:

  • Ballet (ATOD)
  • Jazz
  • Tap
  • Lyrical/Contemporary
  • Hip Hop
  • Acrobatics
  • Musical Theatre

Classes cater for students 3 years of age up to adult. Students have the opportunity to perform at the end of year showcase.

DSV, offers a number of different classes catering for students of all ages:

Little Streamers (3-5 year olds)

This is a fun class designed specifically for 3 to 5 year old children. It introduces young boys and girls to basic ballet and jazz technique with tap also being offered in some scheduled classes. Students will enjoy dancing to music, learning mini-routines and playing ‘makebelieve’ when they take part in this class.

Classical Ballet

Classical ballet has long been considered the foundation of all dance styles. It assists in developing correct posture, weight placement, coordination, core strength and control. Students who take part in ballet classes at DSV are trained in the Australian Teachers of Dancing (ATOD) method which is recognised in dance circles throughout Australia and in many other parts of the world. Students participating in ballet classes will also have the opportunity to sit examinations which can lead to dance teaching qualifications in later years.


Jazz is a fun, energetic class that combines technique with the latest moves. Students will learn how to safely turn and jump and will develop further coordination, flexibility and expressive skills while improving their fitness levels.


Tap is a percussive style of dance that is performed wearing specially designed shoes with small metal tap plates attached to the soles of them. Tap classes will help students to develop rhythm and musicality whilst using their feet as the instrument!

Hip Hop

Hip Hop has grown in popularity over the last five years. It is an urban style of dance that has a strong focus on developing ‘individuality’. The most recognisable forms of hip hop are demonstrated in music video clips and in popular movies such as ‘Step Up’ and ‘Honey’.


Contemporary/Lyrical is an ever-changing dance style that encourages free and expressive movement.

Glee Club

In Glee Club, students develop basic vocal technique which will assist them in learning a variety of songs accompanied by short dance routines.


In Acrobatics classes, students will work to improve their flexibility and strength of movement which assists in developing the strong and versatile dancer. Starting with the basics, such as cartwheels and handstands, students will work their way up to more complex acrobatic combinations.


Troupe classes are specifically set aside for students to learn group routines to perform at eisteddfods and competitions. Selection is through audition and students must commit to being available to perform during all set performance dates for the year. Students who wish to be a part of competition troupe classes must be enrolled in ballet and jazz classes (Level 1- Intermediate) in order to develop the required technique to perform at this level. Advanced students are also encouraged to continue with their ballet training in order to maintain their technical skills. It is also recommended that troupe students enrol in other classes such as private lessons to further improve their technique and performance skills. Students in troupes must display a high level of commitment and ensure they undertake regular practice.


Private lessons are available to students to learn solo, duo or trio work for eisteddfods and competitions. Generally allocated in half an hour blocks, private lessons are fantastic for building confidence and further developing technique. Students participating in these lessons must display a high level of commitment and ensure they undertake regular practice.

Performance Team

The DSV performance team competes in eisteddfods and competitions and performs at events throughout the year. Students who wish to be a part of the performance team need to show a high level of commitment to their dancing and undertake regular practice. Students in our performance team are encouraged to undertake all classes available to their age group plus troupes and private lessons. This allows them to fast-track their skills and to be able to perform competitively at a high level. You cannot become a fantastic dancer with one or two classes per week of training. Many hours need to be invested from a young age to obtain technical proficiency.

Entry to Troupes (the group component of the performance team) is through our annual auditions held in October. Teams for the following year are selected at this point in time and a January holiday workshop in scheduled. New students who miss our annual auditions may arrange a private audition if spaces in our teams are still available. Troupes are offered in the following age categories:

  • 8 & Under
  • 10 & Under
  • 12 & Under
  • 14 & Under
  • Senior (Open Age)

Solo/Duo/Trio work is available through invitation; however, if your child is super keen to perform, enquiries are welcomed. Solo work caters for all ages with our youngest performer currently 4 years of age. Duo/Trio work is suited to slightly older children from school age and up.