Late 2012 was when I first started dancing with DSV and I took part in my first DSV showcase in 2013. It was the first time in my dancing life that a school has been so welcoming and I was immediately happy and comfortable in class. I was quickly invited to join the competition troupe and over the following few years, I gained so much confidence, learned so many new skills and really found myself as a dancer – I was challenged in so many ways and encouraged and supported the whole way through. I paused my dancing life for a few years due to personal life changes but once I was ready to return, DSV welcomed me back as if I had never left. I now dance in the MOD classes and although it is not as intense as my troupe days, I love it just as much. I am still challenged each week as I learn and improve, and I have made some wonderful new friends who make each week even more fun. I LOVE dancing with DSV! I do ballet with Miss Vanessa, and jazz/hip hop and contemporary with Miss Bec.

Holly Porter

I started dancing at DSV in 2013 and loved it from my first adult jazz class. Over the last 7 years of being a MOD dancer I have grown in confidence not only as a dancer but as a person and I have made some life long friends. I now attend the adult ballet, jazz, contemporary and tap classes every Monday night.

Natalie Prinzi

I’m a musical theatre performer who was not able to learn dance as a child so I’ve always felt like I’m struggling to keep up. After moving to Pakenham I’ve finally found a dance school which provides adult classes that aren’t just glorified aerobic workouts for mums to get away from their kids for half an hour. We learn safe technique and even attending classes from home I feel like I’m slowly becoming a better dancer and picking up choreography quicker.

Esther Bruerton

Another outstanding effort by all the performers and helpers tonight- first night of showcase :). It was a joy to watch and look forward to going the next 2 nights.

NIGEL P – DSV Parent

Such a friendly atmosphere, lovely staff, great bunch of girls, my daughter dances with. The effort is there from the teachers so reflects back to the students. Its like a family!!

RACHAEL – Parent

Fantastic show tonight! Such amazingly trained dancers and a pleasure to watch!! Les Miserable made me cry! Great work by all!!!

JUDE T – Showcase Audience Member